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The Carmine Connection


Discovering and Embracing Your Divine  Passion


Now ~ Living Potentials 

The truth I have is within me, and it is the truth of who

I AM, because everyone else has their own truth.

May I help you discover yours?

Rosemary Slade is a Master level Practitioner with ONE-TLC and would love to work with you. Spending decades working with families, her vocation has expanded to BE in this place in this time to assist YOU in finding the truth of your divinity. How does it get better than that? Contact Rosemary: [email protected]

"Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA is a Life-Dream Facilitator, Communication Artist/Broadcaster, and Healing Channel.

She blends inner growth and healing (using ONE-TLC & other modalities) with life-skill building to help you experience your dreams. 

Come play at:

Mario Rosales is a ONE-TLC Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and founder of Tech-Life Balance. His personal awakening and entrepreneurial experiences give him a unique perspective, and he enjoys helping men redefine themselves as modern men and dispel stereotypes through his Tech-Life Balance program, men's group, events, and coaching. 

Contact Mario at:

Tamara Pedlow is a ONE-TLC Practitioner of Now Living Potentials and wonderful Spirit who enJOYs working and assisting others on their JOurneY of awakening and BEing Conscious Creators. She and Her Aspects continue Support and Bless our ONE-TLC Family and Facility by exuding a well balanced energy of Frivolity and Dedication to Embrace the TRUTH of Her and Everyone’s Divinity while being fully immersed in the essence of Mother Nature.

Contact Tamara at: (832)283-4247