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The Carmine Connection


Discovering and Embracing Your Divine  Passion


"As Energies Unite"

A painting by:

Ashley Winkelmann

Ashley Winkelmann is a Visionary Artist and humble explorer of all things worldly and beyond; a lover of all beings. Ashley expresses soul through her artwork, her love to cook, and connecting to nature.

Dear Cosmos

“A Divine Dialogue”

Integrating the God with-in


Thought-Provoking Questions Presented to

‘The Cosmos’ and the Insights Offered

Dedicated to ALL Curious Souls on the path of

Enlightenment and Ascension

Available in PDF or Hard Copy

Published by ONE-TLC

(Indicate in Notes: Preference of PDF or Hard Copy)

Sliding Scale Contribution... Minimum $12 (Add $4 for Shipping Hard Copy)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cosmic Wanderers


Rainn Winkelmann   

Among the stars and wondrous night

a radiant Venus, shines her light;

Wondrous entity, this Universe;

consciousness itself in each of us

Coherence, continuity,

A blending of the energies.

Cosmic fabric woven so

that every thread contains the whole.

Such an intricate geometry

of vibration, light, and frequency.

And all dimensions near and far

expose with love just who we are.

Forgotten worlds remember our worth

as lightworkers, wanderers of this earth.

From far and wide and distant realms

enduring friends have come to help.

Take your light, your love, your vibes

raise them up and spread them wide.

Awake the ones who hibernate

for the hour it is getting late.

And as Mother Gaia shines again

with her we shall all ascend.

Rejoining cosmic family

escaping this duality.      

Creative Enhancements

Jerry & Ashley Winkelmann

WOW... 'The 'I AM' Master has a new Make-Over

and is ready for your questions!  

Visit us soon to experience the Magnificence of

Creative Intelligence and Artistic Design by Ashley...

brought into manifestation with Jerry's assistance.

Delightful... a new platform to enjoy tea

time with the fairies!

Join us soon to relax in quiet commune with

Nature and enjoy this special

area infused with Jerry's Loving intent

and skillful hands.

Soul & Ancestral Paintings


Rosemary Slade  

Rosemary has a unique ability to Receive information and messages from Soul/ Ancestral families through her inspiring Artwork.

These messages are insightful, empowering, and on target.

For more information contact: [email protected]



Tamara Pedlow

(Narrated by Jackie Self)

I open my Heart…

I align with the Cosmos …

I know where my journey begins …

I know where my journey ends …

I tune into positive vibrations…

I step back and look from a distance at my masculine and feminine aspects…

I adjust as I walk…

I know I AM a Divine and Wise Spirit that has had many experiences and hold a heart filled with Love…

I step back and check my alignment…

I see the bigger picture that requires balance from within…

I acknowledge all messages that are given…

I am thankful for Guidance…

I cherish my friends and family…


Embracing the Truth of Your Divinity

Discover Your 'Personal Truth'

Available Now in PDF or Hard Copy

~ Published by ONE-TLC ~

"Through personal experience and understanding, I give meaning to four doorways of awakening by labeled below. I will expand upon these one at a time in the following pages.  





(Indicate in Notes: Preference of PDF or Hard Copy)

Sliding Scale Contribution... $10 to $20

(Includes Shipping)

12 Ray Ceremonial Wheel

A beautiful way to re-experience and deepen your initial ceremonial experience of receiving and integrating these frequencies of Light. Using this Ceremonial Circle will assist you in expanding your Inner Light so that you may more fully Express your Purpose and Authenticity.

Available after initial Ceremony Experience at ONE-TLC.

'About the 12 Rays of Light'

The Twelve Rays of Light are essential building blocks for our perception of realities. At this level they are vibrational expressions and architects of light frequency, color, and sound that compose our holographic grid of realities.

Participating in the Twelve Rays of Light Ceremony gives you the opportunity to become aware of which beliefs and energies you are currently expressing. Through this awareness you can then re-balance your energy so that it will be in alignment with Your original Divine Holographic Blueprint of Reality.

Now you BEcome ‘Conscious Creators’ and can choose from existing Potentials. 

During Ceremony you also have the opportunity to connect with the Masters of the Twelve Rays and your Galactic Soul Family.

Channeled message from Melchizedek on July 12, 2017

“The rays are responsible for the newest type concept of string theory. They are the controllers of 12 vibrational sacred notes on your musical scale.

'We are the rays’… at this level there are no other vibrational expressions. Therefore draw your own conclusion: we are the building blocks of realities, there are no other building blocks or pieces missing in your holographic perception of realities. (Time Space Continuums) Anything that appears to be disharmonious, out of sync, or a dis-cord comes from your neurons (you).”

You might consider these Rays as our ‘Inner Light’ and a reflection of God/Source/Creator Essence.

The frequencies of each Ray hold archetypical energies that represent Divine expressions of thoughts and feelings. We identify with these frequencies according to our experiences (beliefs), feelings, and emotional energy. Since our universe is comprised of energy, it is possible to become imbalanced through individual and collective expressions of these energies in their dualistic states.

Saying this another way:

“Consciousness and energy create the nature of Reality” Ramtha

This Universal Energy is our fuel and source for Life. Some might call it Spirit, the energy that allows for our individual and collective expressions. We organize this energy in accordance to how we think and feel.

Consciousness = Awareness.        Energy = Fuel or source of Life

Our ‘Inner Light’ Awareness is manifested into form through our level of Energies. Therefore what we choose to place in our awareness and the nature of the energy we express determines the form or outcome of the manifestations we will experience in our future.

Two Different Worlds

~ David Allison ~

Each so different yet each so dear...

sometimes you see and sometimes you hear...

the widths the lengths the heights the depths...

measurements inadequate and inept.

One is here and one is there...

yet the one that is there is everywhere...

it transcends the world that I know best...

with compassion, love, peace and rest.

Both worlds overlap and intertwine...

and the choice to choose...

is always thine!